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On long trips, car DVD players with fold-down monitors provide options for your kids or other passengers. You can even install game systems in your vehicle, as well as mobile video, backup cameras, navigation systems and more; with flawless integration with dated or existing systems.

Vehicle entertainment systems have a lot of value; whether it’s installing car DVD systems, headrest video monitors, satellite dish TV systems, or installing audio options to improve your car video experience. Plus, most modern entertainment upgrades give you options to stream video or music from your phone to your vehicle, watch movies in your car, and enjoy terrific sound quality.

316 Customs is your go-to vehicle customization shop when it comes to installing entertainment systems in your vehicle.

We have the technology to help you decide between DVD receivers in your dash, folding monitors installed into the roof of your car, or video receivers mounted on the headrests. Not only do you have these options; you can install high-tech sound upgrades and satellite kits at about 30-40% less than you’d pay for factory installation of these upgrades.

What Video and Entertainment Packages Can Be Installed in My Vehicle?

316 Customs offers premium functionality for your entertainment systems, no matter what your needs are. We can retrofit older vehicle interiors with new DVD systems and other options (providing GPS and Bluetooth functionality), and even let you enjoy MP4 quality music, HDMI quality videos, and top of the line audio quality without static or distraction. These days, you can even install monitors larger than 15” to keep any sized vehicle content on a long drive.

Entertainment Services

Here are Some of the Entertainment options We Offer in Wichita:
  • Dashboard Video
  • Backseat Video Monitors
  • Backup Cameras
  • Portable & Built-in GPS
  • Satellite TV
  • Gaming
  • Audio Boosters

Here are some of the options we offer our customers:

Dashboard & Sun Visor Video

If you spend a lot of time in your car or if you work on the road, installing a DVD receiver in your dash or sun visor could be a great investment. Most of the time, you can expect to save as much as half the cost having these types of features installed in the factory. Most of the time, we can find video systems that fit into your standard dash opening or that retract to prevent costly modifications to your existing interior. If you’d rather have a monitor that you can hide away (like a sun visor monitor), no problem! We wire everything ourselves to let you play the radio while videos, games, or audio is being transferred over headphones.

Backseat Video Monitors

Headrest Monitors: If you’re worried about damages to your headrest, forget about it. Our specialists install video systems that blend perfectly with factory original upholstery, matching the texture and color of your headrest perfectly. Often, these types of monitors are equipped with DVD options, HDMI ports, and other types of inputs that give you and your children the options that you want (like headphones).

Overhead Video Monitors: Fold-down video monitors are a great option for a spacious vehicle like an SUV or minivan. With these units, everyone in the vehicle can share one screen (making it perfect for mobile gaming in your vehicle). If your car has Wi-Fi functionality, you can even use these devices to stream and download videos and games to provide hours of fun on the road. Other units include built-in dome lights, or special specifications that let you retain features like heat and air.

Backup Cameras and Mobile Video

Rear camera integration is extremely handy when you need to back up and park, especially if you’re driving a large vehicle (like an SUV or minivan), saving you money on damages while helping you avoid accidents. 316 Customs offers practical options for these installations, giving drivers easier access to GPS systems and other cameras on their vehicles. In-dash displays work on nearly all models of vehicle, providing drivers and passengers with GPS information while playing movies or games on different screens in the rear seats.

Gaming Options, Right in Your Car

316 Customs can install game systems in your car, ensuring proper wiring and installation to keep your guests entertained with your favorite video games. Talk with us about your gaming options and system preferences; and let us figure out how to wire it in and get it powered up (without draining your battery). We’re the only shop in Wichita that offers this type of premium automotive video installation.

Portable GPS and Navigation Systems Built-In

Our technicians make quick work of disassembling your dash and center console, connecting all the harnesses and antennas you need to ensure high-quality results. Then we secure all connections, install power circuitry that makes everything work automatically, and reinstall your dash and console. After this is completed, you’re left with a new dashboard system that connects to auxiliary video, music players, and cellular devices (no matter how old your car or truck is).

Mobile Satellite TV

If you travel all the time, like to tailgate, or camp in your truck, SUV or minivan, you might want to invest in mobile satellite TV. We can professionally install these systems (after you lease them from a satellite company like Direct TV), giving you access to over 250 channels no matter where you are.

Audio Options to Improve Your Car Video Experience

Because we’re the best in the business when it comes to auto audio systems, we take pride in our vehicle DVD and monitor installations. You’ll be able to listen to Sirius XM radio (or your favorite streaming option) while one kid watches a movie and the other plays a video game; without any static from your audio system. That’s SERIOUS entertainment options for your family and friends.

316 Offers Complete Lifetime Warranties on All Entertainment Package Installations, Including Car DVD Player or Monitor Installation

You could always google “how to install a DVD player in a car” or try to install a backseat video monitor yourself, but you’d void your manufacturer’s warranties and potentially cause a lot of costly damages. On top of that, there’s no way for you to guarantee sound quality, or guarantees that you’ll have access to all the best parts and wiring like we do. Improper wiring could even cause a fire inside your vehicle, potentially costing you thousands.

Our vehicle video and entertainment system installation specialists know exactly what works and what doesn’t work in your vehicle. We know your car better than any other big box retail store, and we deliver unmatched customer service! We’re always looking to push down the costs of any custom work for our customers too, so give us a call today at (316)239.7849 or stop by our shop at 7110 W Central Avenue with any questions you might have about having car or truck DVD, video or entertainment systems installed in your vehicle.

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