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Remote Starters & Keyless Entry

Let 316 professionally install a custom keyless entry with vehicle remote starter in your car, truck, or SUV. Beat the weather and never drop another bag of groceries because you’re struggling with car door locks.

316 Customs Makes Life Better with Fast and Affordable Vehicle Remote Starter and Keyless Entry Service

Imagine being able to unlock your doors at the touch of a button, or have them automatically lock or unlock when you get close to your car. Imagine how much nicer it would be to just push a button and automatically have your car defrost in the dead of winter, or cool down just a bit before you hop in during the summer. There are a lot of great reasons for using our Wichita remote starter and keyless entry service when you finally make the switch to convenience and ease of use, without compromising reliability or affordability.

This formally luxury option is becoming more and more standard for anyone with a family, anyone who is regularly loading and unloading their vehicles, and those who just don’t want to dig around for their keys. There are several different types of keyless entry with and without remote start. Along with these choices, you also must consider remote keyless entry installation costs, and how to install a keyless entry or vehicle remote start system.

The fact is, keyless entry and vehicle remote start devices have gotten more and more intricate, and sometimes require special installation to use all the custom features. In fact, many modern remote car starters have as many as 20 different electrical connections (some have even more). These connections give keyless entry devices and remote starters the ability to do practically anything you can imagine.

Remote Services

Here are Some of the Services That We Offer for Remote Starters in Wichita:
  • Automatically open the trunk
  • Illuminated entry and keyless entry
  • Headlight illumination or flash parking lights
  • Extended transmitter range (giving customers as much as 5,000 feet of range) for use at the movies, church, a restaurant, or the mall
  • Engine speed sensing (which is important when the weather gets cold)
  • 2 Way remotes that send signals back to you to know whether your car started or not, if the doors are unlocked, interior temperature, battery voltages, and more
  • Remote starters and keyless entry that works with your smartphone
  • We can integrate heated mirrors, memory seats, power windows, sunroof, rear defrost, and even your stereo to a high quality keyless entry/remote start system
  • Car finder (via GPS or when you lose your car in the parking lot)

Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Keyless Entry/Remote Starters on Their Vehicles

Not Getting All the Features They Need for Their Remote Car Starter

When you’re buying a remote starter in Wichita, you’re buying convenience. That means that there are a lot of features you should consider before you make your decision. Even on newer vehicles, you’ll sometimes want to add your own keyless entry features. Our technicians at 316 Customs maximize the range on keyless entry/remote starter devices to make sure that everything works seamlessly together. Otherwise, your car could start just fine (with remote start) but not open with standard keyless entry. Our service technicians will take the time to ensure that you get the device that you want, with the features you want based on your needs. Because you can trust 316 Customs, we make the job easier than other auto customs shops in Wichita.

Buying a Remote Car Starter of Poor Quality

These days, you can buy a remote starter at an auto parts store for $80, but you never know what you’re going to get. 316 Customs only sells the highest-quality remote starters on the market with manufacturer warranties. Most customers don’t know what’s perfect for their car- that’s why they hire a professional. We ensure that you’re always getting the right model of car keyless entry device or remote starter that you need to get the job done right.

Not Getting As Much Range as They Need From Their Keyless Entry/Remote Car Starters

Even if your car is just sitting in the driveway, you’re still going to want more range than most factory devices give you. If you’re wanting to start your car or unlock the doors from inside a building (for example, your home or business), you’ll need more transmitter power than you’ll get from most basic models that you’ll find on the shelves at O'Reilly or AutoZone parts stores.

Buying a Remote Starter Somewhere and Then Getting It Installed Somewhere Else to Save a Quick Buck

Don’t expect to buy a poor-quality product and have our technicians install it for you. Customers don’t always buy, sell, or install their own devices. 316 Customs knows what’s best for your make and model of car, and we stand by these products. Otherwise, you could cause wiring issues that could add up to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage over the long run.

Not Getting a Remote Starter or Keyless Entry System Professionally Installed

It might sound like a sales gimmick, but improper installation of keyless entry systems can be the difference between costing thousands and enjoying a job well done. Plus, today’s remote starter systems can be complicated and cause damages to your car if they are installed improperly. Don’t trust the installation of these complex devices to your neighbor, family mechanic, or even a friend- go to the specialists. 316 Customs has the real-world experience and expertise to do the job without voiding your car or truck’s warranty.

Skilled, Professional Keyless Vehicle Remote Starter Installation for Practically Any Car, Truck, SUV or Specialty Vehicle at 316 Customs

Remote starters basically “hot wire” your car in a controlled, professional fashion (when they’re installed right). Because of this, 316 Customs can install our remote starters and keyless entry devices on practically any car, no matter what age or model it is. Plus, our skilled technicians are trained and qualified to deal with the sophisticated wiring and routing associated with installation of these high-tech devices. You don’t have to worry about your car the quality of your remote starter or keyless entry device in the future, either. We’ll never void your car warranty (due to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975), because we’re certified installation professionals. Give us a call today at 316 239-7849 or stop by our shop on 7110 W Central Ave in Wichita, Kansas. We’re the best keyless entry/ vehicle remote starter installers in Wichita!

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