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We’ve all seen or been in a situation where someone’s car got broken in to. Maybe you were at the mall, at the movies, or even at work when you hear a loud bang and a breaking sound, or see shattered glass laying around your car.

Now, you’re worried about replacing all of your valuables (your wallet, your audio systems, construction materials, luggage, and other expensive belongings) as well as repairing the damages that a burglar has done to your vehicle. These damages could be minimized (even avoided completely) by installing a high-tech vehicle security system in your car or truck today at 316 Customs. Today’s security systems are so advanced that thieves don’t stand a chance; car alarms blare when your car is jostled, when they sense pressure, and even when someone could be reaching in the back of your pickup truck. Even better, new and improved security systems can even take pictures of the people that commit the crimes, giving you all the evidence you need to prosecute a theft to the fullest extent of the law.

Securing your vehicle is more important than you think. Whether you’re looking for car security system installation or truck security system installation in Wichita, 316 Customs is the brand that you should trust when it comes to providing the optimal amount of security and protection that your car needs. Plus, when you implement security system upgrades, you can often save a considerable amount of money on your car insurance, because it keeps you and your car safer. Considering all the benefits, there’sreally no good reason not to install a car or truck security system. Not only does it work to provide features that pay for themselves over the long run; like protecting your valuables; it also works to scare off anyone that might be intending to take something out of your trunk, hit or break your car, or force their way into your trunk.

Feel Secure About One of Your Most Valuable Possessions: Your Car or Truck

316 Customs wants people to feel secure about their vehicles (especially after they’ve been customized). Furthermore, cars and trucks are often some of the most valuable possessions that people own. With our high-tech systems and top-of-the-line features, you can get the comfort that you deserve that tells you that your vehicle is safe, and potential thieves will see LED’s flashing that tell them that your vehicle is armed against any criminal activity. Imagine the effect that a loud siren and flashing lights would have on someone trying to pry into your vehicle or break your windows. Today’s security systems are incredibly high tech, reporting the slightest motion or disturbance.

When you’re looking for car security system installation in Wichita, Kansas, you aren’t getting a gimmicky system that won’t operate like you want it to. Instead, your security system installation comes complete with a “brain” that figures out exactly what people are doing to your vehicle, tripping the alarm when it deems it necessary. You can even trip the alarm yourself if you feel like you’re facing a threat (or if you’ve lost your car in the parking lot).

Security Services

Here are Some of the Services That We Offer for Security Systems in Wichita:
  • Complete remote functionality
  • Kill starter switches
  • Motion sensor functionality
  • Broken window detection sensors
  • Unlock one door at a time
  • Up-to-the-minute smartphone feedback

It’s Better to Install a Custom Car or Truck Security System Than Do It Yourself

While it’s true that you could save a considerable amount of money installing a security system yourself, you can’t just YouTube quality installation, nor can you guarantee that your connections are secure, or that you’ve installed the proper system in your vehicle. Wiring is often challenging (as well as posing some potential safety issues for the interior of your vehicle) and there are no guarantees that it’s going to work like you expect it to. That’s why our alarm technicians at 316 Customs recommend having a professional do it for you. You might spend a few more dollars, but our equipment allows you to communicate with your car directly, get the feedback that tells you if there’s anything wrong, and remote functionality that makes your security system as effective and convenient for you as possible.

If you aren’t in the vehicle security installation industry, it’s unlikely that you know of or use all the features that high-quality car security systems can provide:

Motion sensor functionality

Motion sensor functionality that gives you the option to leave your doors and windows open on a hot day without having to worry about people sticking their hands in through the windows. Another interesting use of these types of technology is to protect valuables that you may be storing in the back of your vehicle (like construction equipment).

Complete remote functionality

Complete remote functionality that allows you to communicate seamlessly with your vehicle with responsive commands.

Kill starter switches

Kill starter switches that keep thieves from hotwiring your car or truck.

Broken Window Detection

Sensors that tell you if the glass on your windows is broken (some don’t protect against broken windows).

Single Door Unlock

You can now unlock one door at a time if you’re worried about your safety. That way, you’ll never have to leave your guard down.

Smartphone functionality

Smartphone functionality and apps that give you up-to-the-minute feedback and information about your systems.

Don’t Put Your Car at Risk, Invest in a Customized Car Security System Today

No matter what you need, you’ll find it at 316 Customs. Our service technicians understand everything that you need, whether you’re looking for a car security system or truck security system in Wichita. Give us a call at 316 239-7849 for a quote on custom security system installation or stop by our shop at 7110 W Central Ave, in Wichita, Kansas. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with what you receive, and that you’re well taken care of.

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